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There are only two types of people in this world: those that would like to go on vacation, or those that have just returned from a vacation and can't wait to go on the next one! The tourism/travel accounts for over 3 trillion dollars annually, resulting in over $650 billion in tax revenues worldwide. Tourism accounts for almost 11% of all consumer spending and employs over 200 million people around the world.   


Get-Aways Travel Network,through its parent Pennywise Privilege Card International, believes that the ROC (Room Occupancy Certificate) produts - wether called a DU (Destination Unknown), PTM (Passport To Mexico), GE (Great Escapes) or some other name - are not "just another travel certificate"! Infact, the companies believe the term should be "ROP" - room accupancy  - for that is just what it is. Under the special arrangements with CARMA, the ROPRIVILEGEC holder is entitled to enjoy (along with a traveling companion) seven (7) nights of studio-style or hotel room style accommodations at often greatly reduced prices from the "rack" rates that the many resorts and hotels publish in travel industry related publications or directories. Additionally, the cardholders are entitled to low-cost CARMA upgrades when available.   


The ROC is flexible, in fact, that a certificate holder can use the privilege this year, next year, or even the years after (up to the published date of expiry). Because of this, the Frequent Sleeper Program will, in our opinion, revolutionize how travel companies, on a worldwide basis, do business. How? Unlike other vacation offers, such as time-share or tour packages, the variou authorized promotions offer vacation ow - and in the future - when and where a cardholder wants to go based on availability to CARMA. Because of the unique VRTU concept (variable right to use), the accommodations are provied to cardholders/certificate holders at all the extra costs such as maintenance , membership fees, and exchangee fees.  


Never Pay Retail Again! For $49 USD you can become a Member with Pennywise PrivilegeCard International. Some of the benefits associated with the membership are as follows: 

1.  24 hour a day North American Long Distance at  a flat rate of 12 cents per minute for the  
     first 90 days and 15 cents per minutes therafter. 

2.  2 nights/3 days Room Occopancy Certificate at one of Four Resort Destinations. 

3.  $100 free grocery savings coupons (exclusive U-SELECT feature). 

4.  UP to 80% savings on 4 + 5 star resort accommodations (world-wide) through ARMA's   
     privilege plan. 


Phase I $392 US 

  • Two - 8 Days/7nights Room Occupancy Certificates (R.O.C.'s) "Passport to Mexico"
  • Position in 2 x 3 Matrix 
      Once you have completed this Phase you will receive:  
  • A CARMA Ultimate Package *
  • Advancement to Phase II - 2,500 Travel Point (1st completion only) 1 point = $1.00
Phase II $2,500 US 
  • "Travel Agency in a Box" Package 
  • Two - 8 Days/7 Nights Room Occupancy Certificate(s) "Destination Unknown" 
  • Position in 2 x 2 Matrix 
  • An I.B.C. Privilege Unit 
  • A Request Form for 8 additional R.O.C.'s for I.B.C.
  • Educational Seminar with Accommodation Certificate (for 1 person) 
    For Example: In Phase II  
 Level Members
 1   2
 2   4 
For only 6 Members in your group and you could earn $3,100 US and  
$5,000 US when the next Matrix is full. 

     Once you have completed this Phase you will receive:  

  • Formation of Private I.B.C. (International Bunsiness Corportation)
  • Upon first completion (by I.B.C.) of Phase II, 5 R.O.C.'s, 2 Free Upgrade Certificates and $3,100 US. Thereafter, each completion generates 5  R.O.C.'s
  • Company-Sponsored entried (I.B.C. only) into Phase I and Phase II . Upon completion by I.B.C., Phase I Payouts = $2,100 US and Phase II Payout = $5,000 US.
  • Airfare Bonus ($700 US max) for I.B.C. attendance at Educational Seminar.
Upon comple of subsequent matrixes, the total payable to your International Business Corportation is $5,000 U.S.  Plus, you also receive a further five travel certificates for one week  each, and two upgrade certificates for any resort listed with C.A.R.M.A.  The funds will be deposited into an offshore trust account, complete with a VISA or Master Card.  This will allow you to access this money with complete financial privacy! 

When you wish to withdraw money from your account, simply go to any ATM or Bank and take a cash advance from your Offshore Bank credit card.  Your credit limit is equal to the amount of money in your trust account.  If you wish to deposit additional monies into your trust, simply make a payment to this account.  In essence, this credit card is a debit card. 

Get-Aways does not advertise.  It grows through 'word of mouth' only.  As you refer new customers, you receive bonus travel points.  Accumulate your travel points or redeem theem at a 1 to 1 rate for U.S. dollars - the choice is yours. 

*CARMA ULTIMATE PACKAGE - Save up to 50% or more on Airfare, Cruise Vacations, Hotel & Motels, Golf at Home & Abroad, Vacation Pakages, Rental Car & Motor Home Savings, as well as, Long Distance Phone Card. Travel Insurance and other optional benefits to follow... With just a little work...................................................................  


Affiliated with, or proud members of: 

  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • C of C (Chamber of Commerce)
  • TCHRDA (Trans-Continental Hotel/Resort Development Alliance)
  • ARDA (American Resort Development Association)
  • CATO (Canadian Association of Tour Operators)
  • CARE (Co-operative Association of Resort Exchanges)
  • MTDA (Mexico Tourist Development Alliance)
  • IATA (International Air Transport Association)
  • NABL (National Alliance of Business Leaders)

*This page is created by a member of Get - Aways Travel Network for private use only* 

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