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Dr Stephen Cherniske, MS, talks about Kaire International (5 min)
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Kaire's Generous Compensation Plan 
USA and Canada

This information is presented by an
Independent Associate of Kaire International

Life Changing Products, Proven Leadership
and the Most Generous Pay Plan...

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Pycnogenol Income Opportunity

  Kaire's compensation plan is the most generous in the network marketing industry. 

Kaire’s Pay Plan is honest and simple. Easy to explain - just remember 10%! No difficult rules to qualify! Kaire International has the Most Generous Pay Plan in the entire industry. Our Company pays their distributors very well, the proof is in our Bonus Checks: the Average Kaire Distributor earns almost $350.00 per month! This is the highest average per distributor for the entire Network Marketing Industry! You will be glad you chose our company! Compare our pay plan and you will be impressed...

1st Level 10% Kaire Career Path 

Free Sign Up: It is free to sign up and become an Associate which qualifies you to purchase all of our products at the Wholesale price (and Select price). As you use the products, you will likely want to recommend them to others... 

Associate Business Portfolio Kit: To become a distributor you may purchase an Associate Business Portfolio Kit for the one-time cost of $14.95. Now you may earn 10%! The Kaire Career Path allows for payment down through your 6th level, and anyone can have as many people on their front line as they want (no width restrictions)! Here are the percentages: For your levels 1 thru 5, you are paid 10% for each Level! And, Level 6 pays 5%! 

Roll-Up & Compression: Also, as your business grows you may qualify for "roll-up and compression!" Roll-up and compression allows you to maximize your Bonus by "rolling up" Active associates into the places of inactive ones and thus gain the highest levels of payment - and increase your bonus check! 

Executive Bonus: And, you can earn additional bonuses of as much as 10% - 20% or 30% more bonus on your bonus! 

Executive Car Bonus: Also: Associates may receive a monthly bonus of $250, $500 or $750(US) for the lease or purchase of a new car! 

 Plus! Roll-Up & Compression!
& another 10% or 20% or...
30% more!
2nd Level 10%
3rd Level 10%
4th Level 
5th Level 
6 Level 
"The beating heart of the Kaire opportunity is the business advantage (pay plan). I am excited to say that in our short history we have many people earning $50,000 to $100,000 per month, each and every month. What makes me more proud, however, is that the same business plan that makes those incredible earnings possible has also allowed our great business partners to earn $200, $500, $2,000 and $5,000 per month... The (pay plan) can help you make 300% to 400% more income than you would with traditional multi-level plans." - From the founder of Kaire International.

How Can I Qualify? 

1. Associate qualifies you to purchase all products at Wholesale or Select pricing: no cost to join with minimum product order of $50. 
2. Broker qualifies you to earn 10% BONUS Levels 1 thru 4: PSV (Personal Sales Volume) $100, and purchase one-time cost of $14.95 Associate Business Portfolio Kit. 
3. Director qualifies you to earn 10% BONUS Levels 1 thru 5, PLUS ROLL-UP & COMPRESSION: PSV $300 + First Level Volume = $1000, and purchase one-time cost of $50 Management Kit. 
4. Executive qualifies you to earn 10% BONUS Levels 1 thru 5 and 5% BONUS Level 6, PLUS ROLL-UP & COMPRESSION: PSV $300 + First Level Volume = $900. 

PLUS Executive Leadership Bonuses - a Bonus on your Bonus...
5. Managing Executive qualifies you to earn an additional 10% Bonus on your Bonus: 3 First Level Executives. 
6. Senior Executive qualifies you to earn an additional 20% Bonus on your Bonus: 3 First Level Managing Executives. 
8. Master Executive qualifies you to earn an additional 30% Bonus on your Bonus: 3 First Level Senior Executives. 

Finally, we care about your success! 
This is an incredible opportunity for those who would like to help others with healthy and natural alternatives for better health! And, we need each other! Our business is successful with a team effort and we become friends through working together and needing each other. We are a "people helping people" business. Our hope is that you will find the things in life that you desire, and you will be able to help others along the way to success.

Kaire has the most simple and generous compensation plan in the industry. You can earn a 'five figure' monthly income within 2 to 5 years. Many of you will rise quickly by devoting full-time, and achieve this level in a matter of months. For most, the progress will be steady, and the rewards will be worth the effort. If you are looking for a business opportunity with exclusive products that change lives and a generous pay plan, we may be just right for you!

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Telephone(USA & Canada):
1 888 575 7985 or 1 888 434 3555 or 1 888 236 5386

Pycnogenol Income Opportunity
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