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    The Opportunity
    Do you want to start building your own future... rather than your employer's?
    Are you looking for a way to get into your own business? At home?
    Would you like to jump into a lucrative full-time career, or do you want to earn extra income?
    Whatever your needs and goals are, are you looking for an opportunity to take your financial destiny into your own hands? Are you ready to take action?

    Work hard for your JOB, and you will make a LIVING. Work hard for YOURSELF, and you will make a FORTUNE.
    There is big money in the Networking business and potential wealth for anyone. But, the vast majority of people find it difficult, because they may not have the experience, training or time to be successful...
    What if... there is an opportunity that does not require any sales experience or ability?
    What if... prospects initiate contact with you? And you never solicit your friends or relatives?
    What if... educational materials will make your presentation for you any time or any where?
    What if... there are no yearly fees, and no required sales inventory?
    What if... you never have to attend sales meetings, training sessions, or process inventory and paperwork?
    What if... the products prove to be "life changing" and work so dramatically that it will be impossible for any person not to tell someone else after experiencing them?
    "I love working at home... I answer the phone, email messages, and then mail out packages. I see the future and know that there is no limit to what I can earn! I welcome the new century and look forward to the new technologies. I feel like I am involved with the ultimate home based business!"
    The virtual office at home...
    You are at the Right Place at the Right Time
    As a business Associate and Independent Distributor for the World's Largest Seller's of Pycnogenol®, you have found the Team that has developed and proven the industry's most professional and systematic Marketing System - at the cutting edge of technology and business strategy. You will be impressed. 
    Trends and Technology - What will You Do?...

    Our unique Team System seizes upon a number of converging mega-trends and technologies. Now is the time to act.

    This is an incredible business opportunity for those who would like to help others with healthy and natural alternatives for better health! And, we need each other! Our business is successful with a team effort and we become friends through working together and needing each other. We are a "people helping people" business. Our hope is that you will find the things in life that you desire, and you will be able to help others along the way to success.

    Our supplier has the most simple and generous compensation plan in the industry. You can earn a 'five figure' monthly income within 2 to 5 years. Many of you will rise quickly by devoting full-time, and achieve this level in a matter of months. For most, the progress will be steady, and the rewards will be worth the effort. If you are looking for a business opportunity with exclusive products that change lives and a generous pay plan, we may be just right for you!

    Contact Information:
    email us
    Telephone(USA & Canada):
    1 888 434 3555 or 1 888 236 5386 or 1 888 575 7985
    Telephone(Australia & New Zealand):
    1300 300 536 or 61 2 9676 7885
    63 2 818 6483

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    Pycnogenol The Opportunity
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