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  • Asthma & Hay fever
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Varicose veins
  • Cancer

  • Shark Liver Oil
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    "Flavonoids found in Pycnogenol can be useful in the treatment of fully progressed cancers. Research has also found that giving cancer patients small dosages of alkyglycerol(found in shark liver oil) before, during and after radiation treatment reduces the sharp and dangerous drop in blood cells which is a common side effect of the treatment."

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    Causes of Cancer

    "Environmental chemicals, substances that are foreign to the body or xenobiotics (including those found in cigarette smoke and in food), have been linked to the causation of a majority of human cancers. Such cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens) are believed to induce cancer by a two-stage process, namely initiation and promotion.

    These chemical substances are thought to be activated to potentially noxious intermediate forms by certain enzymes which catalyze the oxidation of these chemicals. The intermediate forms bind firmly and irreversibly to DNA, the genetic material of a target cell, leading to certain changes in DNA.

    These mutations passed on to other cells when the original cell divides. This sets off the process of initiation. Once cancer is initiated, it can be promoted by a number of factors, such as: other potentially toxic chemicals, fats, reactive oxygen species (ROS) including free radicals and others.

    We are equippped with a wide range of antioxidant defense systems, including the contribution of dietary antioxidants (both vitamin and nonvitamin antioxidant nutrients) in order to defend against ROS." (Pycnogenol, The Super Protector Nutrient, Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D. & Chithan Kandaswami, Ph.D., Keats Publishing, 1994)

    Flavonoids have cancer-preventing effects

    "Pycnogenol (pronounced pick-nah-geh-nol) is a patented blend of flavonoids, primarily bioflavonoids, found in fruits, vegetables and other plants. It works synergystically with Vitamin C, acting as a "helpmate" and enhancing its activity."

    "You may recall how enzymes may be involved in converting cancer causing chemicals to active forms in the cells which can initiate cancer. Flavonoids can interfere with the activity of these enzymes thus providing an ameliorative effect.

    Certain flavonoids also abolish tumor promotion mediated by tumor promoters. In these cases the flavonoids' effects could be due to its influence on key enzymes as well as interference with free-radical production caused by the promoters."

    Flavonoids can be useful in cancer treatment

    "In addition to their cancer-preventing effect, flavonoids can also be useful in the treatment of fully progressed cancers. Several studies showed that dietary administration of certain flavonoids significantly halted the growth of cancers in laboratory animals.

    Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant radical scavenger

    In these studies, cells from human tumors were allowed to grow in the animals and the effect of administration of the flavonoid on the growth of the cancer cells was evaluated. Certain flavonoids also were effective in stopping the spread of tumors (metastis) in animals."

    "Studies conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Kandaswana indicate that certain flavonoids, orally administered to rats can induce hepatic enzymes that are involved in the metabolic transformation of certain carcinogens. Furthermore, liver preparations prepared from animals that were fed food flavonoids showed a reduced capacity to convert chemical carcinogens to their active forms.

    In other studies, we implanted tumor cells derived from human pharynx, from several cancers including: cancer of the pharynx, breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, brain cancer (gliosarcoma) and others." (Pycnogenol, The Super Protector Nutrient, Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D. & Chithan Kandaswami, Ph.D., Keats Publishing, 1994)

    Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant radical scavenger and is a prime candidate for further studies in cancer prevention and therapy. This complex contains proanthocyanidins formed from catechin and epicatechin units.  Certain catechin derivatives have recently been shown to have potent anticancer effects in experimental animals."

    "As an antioxidant, Pycnogenol, a blend of special bioflavonoids, reduces free radical-caused tissue damage many times more effective than vitamin E, potentiates the health giving effects of vitamin C, and protects brain and nerve tissue with its nearly unique ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier.

    It also reduces inflammation and improves circulation, both relieving the distresses of arthritis, diabetes and stroke and promoting prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer. And its ability to bond to collagen promotes renewed youthfulness , flexibility and body integrity..." (The New Superantioxidant-Plus, Keats Publishing,1992.)

    "The safety of Pycnogenol has been reviewed in depth by Dr. Peter Rohdewald of the Pharmacology Institute of the University of Munster in Germany during the 1990 International Pycnogenol Symposium in Bordeaux. Dr. Rohdewald stated Pycnogenol is a safe natural product with no adverse side effects whatsoever." (The New Superantioxidant-Plus, Keats Publishing,1992.)

    "Although we have traced the history of Pycnogenol through more than 450 years, and although it has been used for decades, it seems destined to wider popularity and utility as researchers understand more about it. We have just scratched the surface." (The New Superantioxidant-Plus, Keats Publishing,1992.)

    Shark liver oil, how can it help?

    For many years, scientists thought the secret to the shark's remarkable immune system was to be found in its cartilage. Today it is known that the shark's liver is the principal source of its incredible immunity.

    "Alkyglycerol, or AKG, is a family of compounds that play a vital part in the production and stimulation of white blood cells. It is found in the freshwater fish, cows, sheep and mother’s milk--AKG’s are one of the active substances that give breast fed babies crucial protection against infection until the infants’ own immune systems are fully developed. But it is the liver of the deep-water shark that AKGs are found in greater concentration than any other place on earth." (Shark Liver Oil Nature's Amazing Healer, Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D., Richard Passwater, Ph.D., Ingemar Joelsson, M.D., Ph.D., Kensington Health, 1997)

    Immune System and AKGs

    "According to Dr. Joelsson, it is important to note that AKGs normalize the bone-marrow function. They do not overstimulate. AKGs also have been shown to elevate the production of white blood cells, called macrophages, which consume yeast and viruses. This result makes AKGs effective as general strengtheners of the immune system.

    Shark liver oil, rich in AKGs, acts as a natural booster of the body’s immune system. Adding shark liver oil to the diet, as a food supplement, not a drug, helps increase general well-being, stave off common viruses and infections, and battle more serious diseases, thereby improving the quality of life overall.

    AKG's improve the body's immune defense system

    Supplementing one’s diet with AKGs, in the form of shark liver oil capsules, seems to elevate the nonspecific immune response by causing an increase in the level of white blood cells that work for the body’s immune system. Enhanced immunoreactivity is important for resisting colds, the flu, and common infections, and for chronic immune-related conditions such as asthma, allergies, cancer and perhaps even AIDS." (Shark Liver Oil Nature's Amazing Healer, Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D., Richard Passwater, Ph.D., Ingemar Joelsson, M.D., Ph.D., Kensington Health, 1997)

    Experiments in humans and animals have shown that Alkylglycerols improve the body's immune defense mechanism. In fact, Astrid Brohult, M.D. stated Alkylglycerols help "reduce immune responses to foreign substances".

    AKGs as Antioxidants

    "There are many different types of antioxidants. All have been used in varying dosages to eliminat oxidizing free radicals, which are produced from air and water pollution, smog, ozone, insecticides, normal human metabolism, strenuous exercise and much else. Free radicals. which attack the cells of the body and cause overy sixty chronic illnesses, are a major factor in aging. The traditional antioxidants are most effective in scavenging free radicals outside of cells. Very few of them are able to penetrate the cell membrane.

    According to Dr. Ingemar Joelsson, the AKGs found in the shark liver oil of the Greenland Shark have demonstrated a singularity in this respect. He believes that as antioxidants, these AKGs are uniquely effective in attacking and eliminating those free radicals which have penetrated cell membranes and tissues, where they are most dangerous.

    Once inside, they are likely to cause cellular structural damage and to leave the cells weakened and vulnerable to invading germs, including the AIDS virus. When the DNA inside the cell is damaged by these free radicals, cancer can result." (Shark Liver Oil Nature's Amazing Healer, Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D., Richard Passwater, Ph.D., Ingemar Joelsson, M.D., Ph.D., Kensington Health, 1997)

    Chemotherapy and AKGs

    "More than seventy years of research, in both Japan and Europe, have yielded remarkable results. For example, scientists have found that giving cancer patients small dosages of AKGs before, during and after radiation treatment reduces the sharp and dangerous drop in white blood cells (leukopenia) which is a common side effect of the treatment.

    AKGs are also known to reduce the drop in white blood cell count that accompanies chemotherapy. Given that white blood cells play a key role in preventing infection and promoting healing in humans, these results are of great importance."(Shark Liver Oil Nature's Amazing Healer, Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D., Richard Passwater, Ph.D., Ingemar Joelsson, M.D., Ph.D., Kensington Health, 1997)

    Safety of Shark liver oil

    Perhaps most exciting is the fact that AKG’s have been shown to cause no significant negative side effects." (Shark Liver Oil Nature's Amazing Healer, Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D., Richard Passwater, Ph.D., Ingemar Joelsson, M.D., Ph.D., Kensington Health, 1997)

    Not all Shark Liver Oil are created equal

    Not all Shark Liver Oil are created equal... Look for a product that contains the highest percentage (35%) of Alkylglycerols (glyceryl ether lipids only) available. That is almost double the percentage of other liquid products on the market. A product that is processed to remove any significant amount of Vitamins A and D. Look for a product that is environmentally responsible, not relying on any one species of shark. A product that is approved by the Scandanavian Shark Association.

    Not all Pycnogenol® is created equal... The excipients, flow agents, and binders used in preparing Pycnogenol® tablets make all the difference in how it is absorbed by the body. Many companies use low quality cellulose to hold the tablets together, and excipients that make the Pycnogenol® practically non-absorbable.

    A formulation that enhances rather than detracts from the body's ability to absorb the Pycnogenol® is the difference felt by people trying Pycnogenol®. Many brands in North America test only 10% or 12% bio-available, and none of the other brands test over 30% bio-available.

    Special formulation enables 95% absorption of Pycnogenol

    Our exclusive proprietory formulation (protected with a second patent) enhances rather than detracts from the body's ability to absorb the Pycnogenol® (this is bioavailability). Each 20mg tablet is 95% bio-available.

    "The special formulation of this Pycnogenol® compound has been proven to bring amazing results in numerous clinical conditions. There are now many companies in the United States now selling Pycnogenol® and many others now illegally infringing on the registered trademarked name, selling grape seed extract compounds and mixing it with pine bark extract.

    There has been no scientific research done on these extracts that can compare with the research done on Pycnogenol®. The results that I have had with this product, are from only one company, and it has the compound with the special formulation that Charles Haimoff (president of Horphag Research Ltd., the Pycnogenol® patent owner) has granted them exclusively." -Dr. W. LaMar Rosquist, Aging Long Life & Better Health

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