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  • Asthma & Hay fever
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Varicose veins
  • Cancer

  • Shark Liver Oil
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Aloe Vera
  • The Superantioxidant That Can Help Protect You
    From 80 Degenerative Diseases
    "It is the most potent free-radical terminator yet discovered.
    Which is just one reason why it is effective for health challenges
    related to virtually every organ and system in the body.

    - from an interview in the tape "13 Doctors Confirm a Health-Building Breakthrough..."

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    Pycnogenol can help protect you from approximately eighty diseases, including: heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and most other non-germ diseases that are linked to the deleterious chemical action of free radicals.

    Some of these health benefits are:

    Reduces risk of:

    • Heart Disease
    • Cancer
    • Accelerated aging
    • Arthritis
    • Oxidative stress and
    • More than 70 other radical-related diseases

    Strengthens blood vessels and...

    • Maintains proper capillary permeability
    • Reduces capillary fragility
    • Reduces bruising
    • Strenghtens capillaries, veins and arteries
    • Reduces the severity of sports injuries
    • Reduces vericose veins
    • Reduces edema and swelling of the legs
    • Treats chronic venous insufficiency
    • Reduces the risk of phlebitis

    Red blood cells

    • Improves red-blood-cell membrane flexibility

    Skin Health

    • Improves skin elasticity
    • Improves skin smoothness
    • Effective against psoriasis
    • Protects against sun damage


    • Very effective against hay fever


    • Fights inflammation
    • Improves joint flexibility
    • Reduces the pain due to swollen joints


    • Reduces diabetic retinopathy

    Immune system

    • Enhances immune response
    • Reduces frequency and severity of colds


    • Reduces retinopathies
    • Help prevent capillary bleeding, floaters


    • Acts against stomach ulcers and inflammation

    - "Pycnogenol The Super 'Protector' Nutrient"
    by Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D. and Chithan Kandaswami, Ph.D., Keats Publishing

    Pycnogenol® Q & A's

    Q: What is Pycnogenol®?

    A: Pycnogenol® is a chemical-free extract from the bark of the French Maritime Pine Tree. This pure nutrient has undergone extensive testing at such renowned research centers as the Pasteur Institute and others. It contains no solvent residues or synthetic additives. Pycnogenol® was awarded U.S. Patent #4,698,360.

    All- natural Pycnogenol® has been shown in clinical studies to be 50 times more effective than Vitamin E and 20 times more effective than Vitamin C.


    • Remains in the body in an active state for 72 hours.
    • Is highly absorbable.
    • Is non-toxic and water soluble.

    Q: How Does Pycnogenol® Work?

    A: "As an ANTIOXIDANT, fighting the corrosive free radicals that damage cells and promote a variety of life-threatening conditions.
    Reduces INFLAMMATION and the pain of arthritis and other conditions.
    Stabilizes the vital protein COLLAGEN, improving skin and blood vessel health."
    - (Pycnogenol: The Super Protector Nutrient by Dr. Richard A. Passwater & Dr. Chithan Kandaswami, Keats Publishing, Inc.)

    Free radicals are produced in the body by fat metabolism, sunlight, radiation, air pollution, harmful chemicals, food additives, tobacco smoke, infection, stress, and numerous other substances.

    Pycnogenol® provides the body with nutritional tools to neutralize free radicals so that the body can renew itself and function normally.

    Overall joint function and circulation is improved offering strong benefits to those with health challenges.

    Q: Why have many parets found Pycnogenol effective in minimizing ADD?

    A: "Protection of brain cells helps memory and reduces senility. There are indications that even sluggish memories are improved, perhaps due to better circulation and cell nourishment." - (Pycnogenol: The Super Protector Nutrient by Dr. Richard A. Passwater & Dr. Chithan Kandaswami, Keats Publishing, Inc.)

    "Many parents have found that pycnogenol is effective in minimizing Attention Deficit Disorder. Others have found it to have a positive effect on the elderly with Alzheimer's or other memory problems" - (The Great Pycnogenol Fact Book by Eugene Lewis, Marketing Research International.)

    Q: Why is Pycnogenol known as the Youth Nutrient?

    A: Pycnogenol® is known throughout Europe as the "Youth Nutrient" because of its ability to revitalize collagen. Collagen, one of the body's most widespread proteins, is the primary component of the joints and skin. Interlacing collagen fibers give your skin and joints their strength and youthful elasticity. Pycnogenol® binds to collagen and helps collagen fibers rebuild their crosslinks.

    "Pycnogenol's protection of these proteins [collagen and elastin] also means better and younger-looking skin.... Pycnogenol will not make old skin new, but it will improve the elasticity and appearance of your skin." - (Pycnogenol: The Super Protector Nutrient by Dr. Richard A. Passwater & Dr. Chithan Kandaswami, Keats Publishing, Inc.)

    "Because of free radicals, I have a thriving practice in plastic surgery. Not only do free radicals speed up the aging process internally, they also cause the aging process to accelerate externally." - Dr. Robert Youngblood M.D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Q:Is Pycnogenol® at all toxic?

    A: Not at all. Pycnogenol® is a water soluble nutrient like Vitamin C. Pycnogenol® is non-toxic.

    Q: Have proper medical research studies proven Pycnogenol®'s effectiveness?

    A: Yes, dozens. Dr. Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D. (Biochemist) one of our nation's most recognized and respected experts on antioxidant therapy, has written two books summarizing the facts obtained from world-wide research on the compound over the last 20+ years. His most popular book, "Pycnogenol: The Super 'Protector' Nutrient" Keats Publishing (ISBN#0-87983-648-2), can be obtained at or ordered through any book store.

    Q: Is one commercial blend of Pycnogenol® more effective than others?

    A: Yes. Clinical experience has proven that basic Pycnogenol® blended with special "Protectors" and an "Enzyme Delivery System™" of plant-based enzymes provides best results. These boost Pycnogenol®'s total effectiveness by up to 4 1/2 times that of common store-bought brands.

    Q: Does Pycnogenol have any side effects?

    A: "Pycnogenol® is the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered. It is a safe natural product with no adverse side effects whatsoever." Dr. Peter Rohdewald

    Although Pycnogenol® is relatively new to the US, thousands of Americans are now benefiting from the many, wonderful health-building effects of Pycnogenol® that Europeans have been enjoying for decades.

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